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Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd is the leader in ‘Action Learning’ incorporating contemporary training modules that employ a wide range of Soft Adventure & Recreational activities, as well as Reality Type, Movie-Themed, Travel & Discovery type of activities.

Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd is a company based in Malaysia and have many years of experiences in handling event, team building, training, convention for corporate company, thru out the years of experience, we will make your event successful and memorable, thus choosing out company to organize your event and outing is a better choice and affordable. Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd is a full-service event planning company.

We will take care of all your accommodation, from guest room to your conference room to the grand convention hall. We will coordinate all you catering and beverage needs, we will book and contract your key note speaker and any entertainment your desire.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to developing customized programs in helping organization develop leaders and high-performance teams.
  • We continually aim at creating dynamic training environments for action learning.
  • We are responsible for the end-results of our training and are committed to our clients in meeting the long-term training goals.

Our Company Slogan

  • ‘Enhancing Valuable Culture via experimental learning’
  • ‘Helping people RISE above something’
  • ‘Building WINNING TEAMS in a fast changing and challenging global business environment’

Our Training Format - Action Learning

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Of all the challenges faced by organizations today, team building ranks as one of the biggest and most critical. With companies increasingly dependent on high-performance teams for virtually every imaginable activity, teamwork has become a major business strategy and getting teams to work is absolutely crucial for success. A team approach to any task always leads to greater efficiency, cost effectiveness, and worker’s satisfaction. Teambuilding training develops cohesiveness, leadership and coordination of action. The training emphasizes synergy of action and unless everyone works together and help each other, the organization objectives could not be achieved.

Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd offers various teambuilding training packages at various locations. Soft adventures involving teamwork and organization are essential attributes of our packages and companies that require teambuilding training would need to discuss with us on the requirements of the training. Programs tailored to be specific needs of the organizations could be customized based on the desired level of intensity of activities.

EXPLORAQUEST - Enjoying Malaysia ...Naturally!

Exploraquest is an ‘Action Learning’ program specially designed for corporate or group training, it is specially suitable for:

Exploraquest focuses on leadership development and team performances. Learning is achieved through group activities which incorporate the elements of play, excitement and fun. Depending on the specific objectives and requirements, activities for Exploraquest are usually customized to group’s specifications.

Currently, Exploraquest programs are run in 12 different destinations with 16 delightful features. The destinations are popular tourist destinations in the country which offers rich heritage of culture and commerce, as well as captivating landscapes and sceneries.

The training offers double benefits to the groups as participants do not only get to experience the excitement of ‘Action Learning’, but also getting the opportunities to be at the different tourist attraction to savor the charms of ‘beautiful Malaysia’.

SUMMER-TRAINING CAMP (Base Camp Awana Genting Highlands)

This is a customized training program for children of age 9-10 years. Objective of training is to inculcate certain basic living skills that are important in life. Such living skills are not taught, but children learned through personal experiences in real life situations. The program is action-packed and learning is never boring for children because “children should only play”.

In Summer-Training Camp, we run program that enable children to learn through delightful encounters with real life situations and challenges. Children are curious and want to make sense out of things to find out how things work. Through personal experience, children gain control over themselves and their environment, thus gaining confidence in life.

The programs that we have designed in Summer-Training Camp help instill personal disciplines that are important in life. Children learn to be organized, to be vigilant, alert and to be conscious of the situations surrounding them; learning is truly pleasurable as the kids were very much on their own in dealing with situations.

Please note this a unique program specially tailored to the requirements of groups. Training program has to be customized based on the venue, group size and other unique characteristics of the groups. Please call us for more information and discussion.

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