Film & Video Production

Our team takes an idea for a commercial, branded video or film and transforms it into vivid reality.

Who We Are

Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd is a film and video production company. We are one stop centre for media creations. Our team takes an idea for a commercial, branded video or film and transforms it into vivid reality. Our company offer a full array of digital film video production services including concept, script writing, storyboarding, filming, location services, editing, high value, prompt, realiable services and stunning creative production your audience will remember.

Our goal is to create the innovative content using the most up to date technology and creative skill available today. We specialize in commercial & branded content, film production, music video production, fashion film, web videos and various other forms of media content. We create dynamic projects from beginning to end from pre-production all the way through post.

Established in 2012, Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd has been success through our dedication to the client and ability creates personal connections utilizing our creativity and professionalism.

Why Choose Us

To put simply, our commitment to you is without equal. Our belief is that creativity is the source of all wisdom, but in our industry creativity can only be exercised through extensive experience. Our company has had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the industry and our extensive experience allows us to give our clients the freedom of unlimited creativity. We can say that our work certainly speaks for itself and we will do whatever it takes to make each productions a success. Our strict production work ethic and adherence to set structure is derived from our love of narrative film.

Our Approach

Our creative approach for every project is to begin with the story and what needs to be told visually. Once the treatment (script) is finalized, we use it as a blueprint to begin the intricate pre-production process. We shift our focus to very important element of production such as set design, lighting, makeup and visual style. Secondly, we discuss casting, choreography, prop and vehicles, locations, shooting schedule and others.

For us, each project is unique and defined by its creative approach toward innovation. Our company constantly pushes the envelope, raises the bar, and strives to give each production that rare dynamic quality. Our experienced and dedicated creative teams allow us to achieve our maximum potential. We Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd are proud of our work and it shows in the dedication and passion each and every member of the team exudes in everyday work. We are flimmakers and love what we do every day.


Our Services

Our Vision

To position DXPLORATION ASIA SDN BHD as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry, Preferred of production house and recognized leader in providing services and support to the entertainment industry.

Our Mission

We build, supports and markets entertainment industry with an affordable, Reliable, credible and quality equipment. By collaborating with the indigenous entertainment community, we strive to implement innovative ways to grow our industry, provide the hands-on, world-class service that our clients need and deserve.

Our Goal

Long-term relationships with our clients

Our Value

Creativity, freedom of expression, entrepreneurship, equitable redress and collaboration.

The Explorer Spirit

Our company is characterized by its team as well as its willingness to act independently and make things happen in a constantly changing environment.


All members of the Dxploration Asia team contribute through their expertise and personal experience to the continuous improvement of our products and services. In this way they also contribute to our overall success - regardless of their individual positions within our company.


We achieve our aim of providing the highest possible quality through the standard of our daily work and the desire to continue to improve our results.


Our clients expect world class services. We pursue this goal internally as well as external. This enables us to establish long-term relationship with our clients.


We are competing on a worldwide stage and meet this challenge by rhinking and acting globally.

Corporate Information

Dxploration Asia Sdn Bhd has been established in 2012 by Mohd Rosemailie Bin Mangsol. He has a vast experience in the corporate and production. He started his career in POS MALAYSIA BERHAD and later served for 15 years in banking with Maybank. Throughout the years, he also a trainer that involved in managing a series of training such as Team Building from various company in Malaysia and also an International company.

He also involved in the film shooting of Mafia as Marketing Manager and also a series of documentaries and drama. With this new establish company, he successfully produce a number of products for this company.


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